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Relax! You produce new ideas; we protect them.

Document Protection Will Change Forever. We Are Gatekeepers Of The New Technology That Will Help You Protect Your Valuables

COVID-19 has changed document certification and online verification of identity for good. We provide you with the new technology that will help you protect your valuables.

Data certification is quickly changing from the old wet stamping and personal presence to biometric verification and blockchain immutable protection. The brave New World we live in requires increased digital security. Our IPP technology creates registries and virtual routes protected with unique cryptographic layers, fully compliant with the strictest security protocols of the U.S. National Security Agency.

Trusted Technology

Keeping track of digitally recorded ideas to claim their authorship requires that no hacker can steal these files. IPP technology protects these files by organizing creating digital fingerprints for files that are registered in a distributed network (ledgers), protecting them with asymmetric cryptography, and administering them with smart contracts.

IPP’s underlying technology combines different blockchain platforms, offering trustworthy record keeping for legal services and intellectual property. You don’t need to install or update anything on your computer to run IPP. All encryption is performed locally with the most advanced algorithms, and every transaction is performed in absolute transparency, ensuring that the information remains immutable.

Legally binding

IPP issues legal certifications that can be used anywhere in the world.

Courts all over the world are increasingly using blockchain technology to settle cases. In 2019, more than 3.1 million Chinese litigation activities were settled through the blockchain in small internet courts. According to the American Bar Association, some states in the U.S. such as Arizona, Vermont and Ohio are already allowing people and companies to use blockchain to authenticate documents. As long as the local legislation acknowledges digital proof, IPP certificates will supply the highest and most reliable proof of authorship.

Certification & Authentication Of Any Type Of Data.

Proof of Ownership

Attribution and audit trails that can be independently verified.

Proof of Existence

Certify that a file, dataset or communication existed at a certain point in time.

Proof of Integrity

Monitor your data in real time to ensure it has not been tampered with.

Proof of Receipt

Certify that a specific recipient read your email at a certain point in time.

Your IP is protected in our blockchain digital vault

Unlimited, locally encrypted storage for all your ideas, innovations and creations in any form and size.

Legally certified

It uses the global reach of the Bitcoin blockchain with the reliability and recognition of national timestamp authorities (EU and China) to create indisputable proof of your rights.

Organize your IP records on real time

Ippassport allows you to see each update over time in detail by keeping a history of certificate versions.

Zero knowledge architecture

All encryption is performedlocally with the mostadvanced algorithms.

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