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Relax! You produce new ideas; we protect them.

Document protection will change forever. We are gatekeepers of the new technology that will help you protect your valuables

COVID-19 change the world forever. The Brave New World we live in has changed the way contracts, IP and IOUs will be registered and documented. Government authorities will migrate their Certification procedures, from the old wet stamping to digital certification. We are the gatekeepers that register your valuable data under blockchain, using biometric records.

A Brave Online New World requires increased digital security. We have developed our technology following the strictest international regulations on digital time stamping; international regulations on digital privacy. Our IPPassport Blockchain App creates registries and virtual routes protected with a unique cryptographic layer.

Why Blockchain?

Keeping track of digital ideas in order to claim their authenticityand authorship requires that, once it has been registered, no onecan alter, change, steal, or tamper with these files and the exacttime of their registration.

Blockchain offers exciting opportunities to develop theseservices, by combining distributed network (ledgers), asymmetriccryptography, the possibility to create digital fingerprints forfiles, and self-executing programs for transactions –called smartcontracts-.

Immutable Record

Blockchain is also immutable, as each new block contains the fingerprints of all previous blocks. To corrupt one block, all previous fingerprints would have to behaved simultaneously, and each fingerprint has more combinations than the number of atoms of an adult human.This guarantees an immutable register of stored documents.

How It Works

Securely Upload Your Work

Were are the perfect vault for all your creations, ideas and innovations. Safe, unlimited, versioned.

Click To Certify

In one click, the entire content of your project is certified and proven forever.

Certification & Authentication Of Any Type Of Data.

Proof of Ownership

Attribution and audit trails that can be independently verified.

Proof of Existence

Certify that a file, dataset or communication existed at a certain point in time.

Proof of Integrity

Monitor your data in real time to ensure it has not been tampered with.

Proof of Receipt

Certify that a specific recipient read your email at a certain point in time.

Your IP is protected in our blockchain digital vault

Unlimited, locally encrypted storage for all your ideas, innovations and creations in any form and size.

Legally certified

It uses the global reach of the Bitcoin blockchain with the reliability and recognition of national timestamp authorities (EU and China) to create indisputable proof of your rights.

Organize your IP records on real time

IPPort allows you to see each update over time in detail by keeping a history of certificate versions.

Zero knowledge architecture

All encryption is performed locally with the most advanced algorithms.

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